A Warm Shalom from Israel

A Warm Update from Israel:
Nina A. Weiner Receives Honorary Doctorate

From left to right: Dr. Dan Givoli, Lawrence and Marie Feldman Chair in Engineering at Technion’s Department of Aerospace Engineering;
Nina Avidar Weiner, ISEF Co-Founder and President Emerita; and Dr. Peretz Lavie, Technion President


On Monday, June 17, the Technion awarded its Ph.D. honoris causa to Nina A. Weiner in recognition of her tireless dedication, through ISEF, to educating Israel’s bright young people from the periphery. Longtime ISEF leaders Norman and Vivian Belmonte and Joe and Paulette Rose attended, along with several dozen ISEF alumni from decades past, some of them now grandparents!

As Nina received her Ph.D. scroll, the entire Technion Board of Governors, leading faculty, and family and friends of the other honorees were astonished when dozens of ISEF’s students and alumni rose as one, applauding wildly and cheering, in a demonstration of their deep gratitude. They literally stopped the show. Afterwards, many of the guests reported having wept to see this.

Click here to see the clip that the Technion played during the ceremony, right before Nina received her award.



Celebrating Our Students’ Accomplishments


While Nina was in Israel, she seized the chance to meet with our students at Beit Danny in the Hatikva neighborhood of Tel Aviv. This year, ISEF has 53 Ph.D. and M.D. candidates studying at Israel’s universities—everything from bioengineering better seeds to establishing free legal clinics. These 53 future leaders come from immigrant backgrounds, Ethiopia to Ukraine, Morocco to Uzbekistan. Nearly all are from families where no one ever went to college, let alone got a Ph.D., and many are women! In this era of rising inequality, these 53 brilliant scholars kindle hope for a better future for Israel and the world.




To those of you who attended, we were delighted you could join us for ISEF’s 42nd Anniversary Benefit Dinner last Thursday evening. The energy in the room was incredible and your presence made a big difference. Our honorees, Nina A. Weiner, Rony Zarom, and Joseph Aiken were very moved by the demonstrations of your support. 


Please click here to view some photos from the evening and please remember to share them with your friends and colleagues. 


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